Masked Mortal is blazing his way through what he calls the “vibes side” of TikTok. After developing a passion for music at age 13, he realized he didn’t have the voice for singing, but he did have the ear for finding good music. As a teenager he constantly made playlists for his friends and put them onto new artists and tunes.  


Addicted to the thrill of finding new artists and watching them pop off, Masked Mortal started making his playlists public in the end of 2020,  quickly became a tastemaker on TikTok. He regularly creates vibes sharing his new finds and runs over 20 public playlists on DSPs. In 2021, he launched his YouTube interview series “Ascending Artists.”


Masked is currently in college studying business in Michigan. Outside of music he a self described “sneakerhead” who just wants to spread positive vibes around the internet.