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How Song Reviews Work:

Masked Mortal offers song reviews to any artist who wants him to listen to their music. Masked will listen to your track in full and socially support the tracks he loves.

There is no guaranteed support on any platform, by paying for a review, you are only guaranteed that Masked Mortal will listen to your song. After he listens to your song, you will receive an email from him with any thoughts, social support or just conformation that your song has been heard. 

Song Reviews cost $40. Hundreds of artists send their music to Masked Mortal and you are paying for his time and the opportunity to be on his platform. Please send released songs only.


Demo Feedback $90: If you would like Masked Mortal to listen to your unreleased track this is the option for you. We will provide 3-4 sentences of detailed feedback on your demo. This option includes a Song Review. We will consider your song for support and give it another listen when it is released. For private links please make sure your sharing settings will allow anyone with the link to access.

We have had a large influx of deals and are running behind on processing. Please be patient.

Allow between 14 and 20 days for your review to be processed and sent back to you.

Song Reviews

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